Hello Yogis and Yoginis

Welcome to Yogini Mimi’s Website!

Here you can find information about me, services I provide, instructional videos, information on upcoming retreats and workshops, my philosophy, values, and mission statement.

Enjoy your visit, then come and play.

  • Improve well being, health and happiness through yoga
  • Respect the source of yoga and honor those who have come before us, and all my relations
  • Cherish individuality, growth and expression
  • Love and protect the environment, Mother Earth, home
  • Give back to the communities I serve with gratitude for the gift of Yoga

I practice yoga for spiritually development, mentally purity, emotional balance, and physically fitness.

  • To create and hold a space of peace, joy and love where yoga students can master the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social wheels of their body vehicles via the YourDay Balance Game.
  • To create and hold a space which enables students to master universal principles of healthy being, living, perceptions and habits, such that they experience nourished spirit, mind and body via an intimate connection to Divine Source Energy, thereby creating powerful, healthy energy, emotions, thoughts and actions while co-creating trusting, sustainable relationships.

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