1 Billion W.A.T.C.H.ers – C (Conscience)

We live in a world of watchers, as I alluded to in an earlier post: we watch our peers, whom we admire and respect from having observed them perform their jobs with integrity; we watch family members perform their responsibilities dutifully throughout the year; we watch our friends as they make important life choices moment by moment. We are either inspired by those we watch or we are not. In either case, we are influenced.

When we watch other people living their lives the way they choose, our minds pick up on the subtlest vibrational energies that result from these choices. We observe, on a subconscious level, the consequences of the choices and we are impacted by the choices in gross and subtle ways. An intricate algorithm forms in our brain mapping cause and effect and writing code and script, which leave impressions on us, programming us — our responses (or reactions), our behavior, our emotions.

Our human endowment of conscience, as discussed by Stephen Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” is a deep inner awareness of that which empowers versus that which diminishes our personal power; of what constitutes effective versus ineffective choices; of the principles that govern our behavior; and, of the degree to which our thoughts and actions are in harmony or discord with those principles.

“C” – Conscience

The four endowments discussed thus far, Independent Will, Self-Awareness, Thought and Conscience, are the essence of our individual growth, and humanity’s evolution. Through our “self-awareness and conscience, we become conscious of areas of weakness, areas for improvement, areas of talent that could be developed, areas that need to be changed or eliminated from our lives. Then, as we recognize and use our imagination and independent will to act on that awareness — making [commitments], setting goals, and being true to them — we build the strength of character, the being, that makes possible every other [effective] thing in our lives.” (Stephen Covey, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”)

Take a few minutes to reflect on your commitments to yourself.  How are you showing up in life? Take personal inventory of your personal say/do ratio.  Do you have a personal regimen that you follow to balance out

  • Self-care with caring for others?
  • Self-oriented activities with work-related responsibilities?
  • Re-energizing and replenishing your energy levels?

If not, how can you implement a plan of action that allows you to put first things first?  You are inspiring others by your actions, relationships and thoughts, whether intentionally or unintentionally. So choose powerfully, my friend.

We will talk more about powerful choices tomorrow, when we discuss “H” – Habits, the fifth letter of the W.A.T.C.H.ers acronym, as we continue delving into “1 Billion WATCHers,” its significance and its application in your life. Until then…

Love and light,
Yogini Mimi
Your Stress-Reducing Genie


I am peace, joy and love. I am master of self, via the YourDay Balance Game. I am master of universal principles of healthy being, living, perceptions and habits. I am nourished in spirit, mind and body by my connection to divine source energy. I am flowing with powerful, healthy energy, emotions, thoughts and actions. I am co-creator of an abundance of magical moments everyday in which I re-contextualize circumstances at the speed of consciousness. I am co-creator of trusting, sustainable relationships and an abundance of wealth.

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