1 Billion W.A.T.C.H.ers – T (Thought, Imagination)

I was watching the movie, “And Then There Was You,” a few months ago. There was a child birthing scene, and in it, Marisol (portrayed by Trilby Glover) tells Natalie (actress Garcelle Beauvais) she is having a home birth and to call the midwife. I burst into tears at the memory of my own experience of child birth, at home, twenty-two years earlier, contemplating how his 22nd birthday is coming up and recalling how I birthed him at home surrounded by my mother, nurse midwife, graduate school classmates and college friends.

The process was truly a magical experience, one that remains forever etched on my memory. Beauvais responds to Glover with complete shock, startled to learn her friend is giving birth at home. It seems like these days so few people choose to give birth in the familiar, comfortable settings of home, even though childbirth is the most natural and wonderful blessing in the world.

When I decided to have my son at home, all sorts of emotions arose. Fear among them. I overcame these fears by relying upon my imagination to envision what the process would look like in the space of my own home, what I would need in terms of baby clothes and supplies, what support I would require — like a nurse midwife and my mom. Then I created a beautiful, loving, nurturing environment, filled it with healthy energy, and intentionally brought this vision to life.  It all began with a thought — ergo, my imagination; and, it remains one of the most beautiful, memorable experiences I cherish to this day.

T – Thought (Imagination)

Thought (Imagination) is our mind’s ability to create beyond our present reality. Even the most intelligent animals do not have the ability to create in this fashion, for their actions are programmed by instinct and/or training. Because of this unique human endowment, man’s ability is infinite.

“Our imagination helps us think outside the box in order to create new constructs that bring solutions to old problems.”
-- Day Adeogba, Founder and CEO, #YourDayBalanceGame

Whether it’s giving birth, building the pyramids, walking on the moon, or inventing electricity, the power of the human endowments is what the Balance Game teaches WATCHers through healthy feedback.

Tomorrow I will share with you how I relate to and define “C” (Conscience) in the First Awakening of the Game: 1 Billion W.A.T.C.H.ers.

Remember, you can always give me a shout out if you have any questions. I’d love to discuss with you. Email me!

Love and light,
Yogini Mimi
Your Stress-Reducing Genie


I am peace, joy and love. I am master of self, via the YourDay Balance Game. I am master of universal principles of healthy being, living, perceptions and habits. I am nourished in spirit, mind and body by my connection to divine source energy. I am flowing with powerful, healthy energy, emotions, thoughts and actions. I am co-creator of an abundance of magical moments everyday in which I re-contextualize circumstances at the speed of consciousness. I am co-creator of trusting, sustainable relationships and an abundance of wealth.

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