1 Billion W.A.T.C.H.ers – W (Independent Will)

1 Billion WatchersI shared a series of Facebook posts with my readers a while back that introduced the YourDay Balance Game, a powerful and effective tool that teaches a new way of relating to yourself, others and life through health, fitness, love and balance.

This blog repurposes that information here on my website, so that you can have unfettered access.

So, what does “1 Billion Watchers” mean? That’s a big number, right? I’ll break it down over the next five blog posts.

In the Balance Game there are two types of athletes: Watchers and Players. Watchers are athletes who play the Game without getting measured. They take advantage of a number of the free play times available to the community at the YourDay Playground, such as the Saturday Fun Run; Play Camps (similar to boot camps and led by fitness trainers); the Wednesday Conversation, facilitated by the founder and CEO of the YourDay Balance Game, Day Adeogba; or attend the free community Consciousness Yoga classes.

A Player is an athlete who gets measured and receives feedback in one of three dimensions (health, fitness and consciousness). Stay tuned, more about this later.


“W.A.T.C.H.” is an acronym for the natural endowments within the freedom of choice that make each of us uniquely human. (Stephen Covey, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”). These endowments are:

W – Independent Will
A – Self-Awareness
T – Thought
C – Consciousness
H – Habits

Although Habits is not explicitly set forth as an endowment in Covey’s work, he emphasizes Habits with such prominence as to call it out in the title of his book. Within the context of the Balance Game, it is a key component of 1 Billion Watchers.

W – Independent Will

Independent Will is simply one’s ability to choose. This is a gift we all have.

“When we choose, we create space between stimulus and response.” 
-- Day Adeogba

By creating space between stimulus and response, we influence more powerful outcomes in the face of circumstances, minimizing less powerful alternatives of reacting, thereby creating Magic (defined as the ability to influence yourself, others and life).

Before your next yoga practice try sitting quietly for a moment and observing your breath. Let the thoughts flow past without any attempt to attach to them; and simply observe the with impartiality. Deepen your breath and focus your intention on widening the space between stimulus and response. Do this for five minutes a day and make it a daily practice to build your ability to influence yourself, others and life in a more healthy, powerful way.

Tomorrow, we will delve into “A” (Self-Awareness).

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Love and light,
Yogini Mimi
Your Stress-Reducing Genie


BTW: As promised, here is my Mission Statement. I’ll write an article later which shares the importance of having one in your life.


I am peace, joy and love. I am master of self, via the YourDay Balance Game. I am master of universal principles of healthy being, living, perceptions and habits. I am nourished in spirit, mind and body by my connection to divine source energy. I am flowing with powerful, healthy energy, emotions, thoughts and actions. I am co-creator of an abundance of magical moments everyday in which I re-contextualize circumstances at the speed of consciousness. I am co-creator of trusting, sustainable relationships and an abundance of wealth.

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