Hello Yogis and Yoginis

imageWelcome to Yogini Mimi. Here you can find information about me, services I provide, instructional videos, information on upcoming retreats and workshops, my philosophy, values, and mission statement.

Enjoy your visit, then come and play.


I practice yoga to be spiritually enhanced, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, and physically fit.


  • Improve well being, health and happiness through yoga
  • Respect the source of yoga and honor those who have come before us, and all my relations
  • Cherish individuality, growth and expression
  • Love and protect the environment, Mother Earth, home
  • Give back to the communities I serve with gratitude for the gift of Yoga

Mission Statement:

I am peace, joy and love. I am master of self, via the YourDay Balance Game. I am master of universal principles of healthy (being) living, perceptions and habits. I am nourished in spirit, mind and body by my connection to divine source energy. I am flowing with powerful, healthy energy, emotions, thoughts and actions. I am co-creator of an abundance of magical moments everyday in which I re-contextualize circumstances at the speed of consciousness. I am co-creator of trusting, sustainable relationships and an abundance of wealth.

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