IYF 2019 – Vinyasa

International Yog Festival 2019
Vinyasa with Yogini Mimi

At the end of each of my classes, I have the habit of singing “It’s a beautiful day!” Today lived up to the song. I had a wonderful experience teaching a Vinyasa class at the International Yog Festival, organized by the Government of India, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN). The participants were enthusiastic, warm and friendly, eager to take part in the activities; and came from all over India and the world. There were bus loads of students from Maharastra, Garwal, Delhi, and participants from Rishikesh, Dehradun, Israel, Canada, Philippines, Australia.

The staff was accommodating and provided the teachers with a yoga mat and gift bag with a bunch of goodies, among them a copper water bottle emblazoned with the IYF 2019 logo, which I will cherish. The facilities were adorned with colorful mandalas that were created each day displayed in the lobby area.

I arrived early today with the intention of asking one question. I had been told by a colleague the night before that the last day’s activities had been canceled, yet I was prepared to teach a 90-minute Vinyasa class. I stopped by my friend’s house beforehand for our 3 km jog, and suggested we jog to the IYF stadium situated along the Ganges at the Hotel Ganga Kinara. We arrived and were greeted by the head official in charge of coordinating the festival, Dr. Krishan Upreti, and asked the question. “Is the last day of classes canceled?” He was so happy to say, “The hall is free, you’re welcome to teach!”

I looked at the marquee and names and times had been crossed off, but my name was still up for the 8:00 AM time slot, so it was decided. So I taught.

I felt like I was in the right place at the Universe-ordained time, and we flowed. I expected a handful of students because of the last-minute notifications of cancellation of classes and was pleasantly surprised when the room filled up to standing room only.

Fellow professional yoga teachers joined to support me in holding the space for the class, even though they too only had a last minute text message from me to come.

The sun shone brightly on mother Ganga after the class and all who joined enjoyed the journey.

I received wonderful questions and feedback from the class participants and hold gratitude in my heart to the organizers of this year’s International Yog Festival. Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in the IYF 2019 Vinyasa flow class this morning. I look forward to joining you at next year’s IYF on the banks of the Ganga in the holy city of Rishikesh, world capital of yoga.

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