What’s Your Why? Is It Big Enough?

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
-- Gautama Buddha


At the ‪#‎YourDayPlayground‬ we say, “Your day begins and ends with ‘Y'”. This fun wordplay can be looked at a couple of ways. The first is that the name of the game, YourDaY, quite literally begins and ends with the letter, “Y.” The second is in the following two questions posed by YourDay founder and CEO, Day Adeogba:

  1. “Y” [why] do people start and stop?
  2. “Y” [why] don’t people listen to wisdom?

These two questions are at the heart of the‪#‎YourDayBalanceGame‬ philosophy, questions posed by Day, lifestyle coach and personal trainer, after observing the personal health and fitness habits of several trainers he worked with over the years.  

Why do people start and stop?

2 Y'sDay observed that his co-workers would make commitments to themselves and then stop them. Much like yoga practitioners do in the course of living life. He posed the question, “why?” And after over 200,000 hours of research, to understand his clientele, and observing his colleagues (i.e., other trainers) he uncovered it was because their game ends. Whatever game they were playing for in life (i.e., getting a promotion, getting bikini-body-ready for the summer, fitting into that tuxedo for a wedding, practicing for the World Cup or for the Super Bowl championship), athletes played games with themselves and their commitments that were finite and meant to end.

Many athletes could not grasp that their games were small and would inevitably end. So it stood to reason, therefore, that when they chose to step into a game that never ends, you need to keep feeding your WHY so that it becomes big enough that you don’t stop the game that never ends.

That’s where the #YourDayBalanceGame fills a need. This Game is infinite.

Check out ydbg.launchrock.com to sign up and be the first to watch and learn more about the game that never ends.

Why don’t people listen to wisdom?

2 Y's (part 2)Countless clients sat before Day, asking, “help me lose weight,” “how do I become healthy?” “what do I need to do to win this triathlon?” Each athlete would hear the response, “play a game that never ends or the games you play will play you in life.” Yet, his responses would fall on deaf ears.

For most transformation specialists, it might be maddening to witness your client remain stagnant or show a decline in health after two, three and sometimes over six years of coaching. After all, insanity has been defined as doing the same the over and over expecting a different result.

Day realized the reason his clients were not listening to wisdom was because their WHY was not big enough. Think about why you are not doing something even though you are clear it will benefit your health. It is because your WHY is not big enough. You are not sufficiently motivated to keep your commitments to yourself (honor thyself). Even though there are signs showing you that your choices are ineffective and unhealthy, your perception is obscured. You are operating 80% out of feeding your wants and 20% out of your needs. This happens when you feed a small WHY. BTW, @ the PlayGround, this is defined as “Character Obesity.”

In order to create a big enough why, first understand, “What is at the center of your own life?” (Stephen Covey, “7 Habits.”) Whether you are Spouse-, Family-, Church-, Work-, Possession-, Pleasure-, Friend-, Enemy- or Self-Centered, becoming Principle-Centered is the most effective and powerful means of creating a solid foundation for development of your personal security, guidance, wisdom and power.

One way I have found that inspires me to stay focused on playing the BalanceGame (the game that never ends) with consistency is my Mission Statement (a why that’s big enough).

I will share my Mission Statement with you in my next post.


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